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Wedding shoot woes.

Jonathan Mayes

Now let me bat right off at the start by saying this has never happened to me, but there will always be that time when the client feels the Photographer has underperformed. So I certainly wouldn’t be arrogant enough to say it would never happen. 

Weddings are a one shot event (figuratively not literally!). And it still never surprises me to see regular mention of unhappy brides on social media. Where, if your not careful trial & ultimately sentencing can be carried out.

So what should our couples be looking for? 

1. A full range portfolio.  

2. References. Don’t just rely on portfolio. Images are all too easily acquired from other photographers. 

3. A full plan that everybody is signed up to. And this would include a ‘must have’ shot list.  Also a style. How long post production will be.

4. Does the photographer have any professional qualifications or accreditation’s? 

5. Dispute resolution process

6. Insurance. 

7. Meet with the actual photographer(s), not the company rep. Do your personalities mesh? 

8. Compare packages. If One is offering a full day, albums, etc for £2000 and another for £200 i’d tend  to suggest the upper figure has a more realistic prospect of quality work (and experience).


Even if you do all of the above, things can still go wrong, but, and here’s the kicker, chances are they won’t, and if they do, they’ll be a recovery process.