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Questions & Answers

Why pick Debonair Images? – Because I care! Because I will go that extra mile! Because I have the passion (don’t tell my wife!) From those preliminary meetings, to unobtrusively documenting ‘the best day of your life’, to nuturing those images through to final presentation. I care!

Where are you based? – HHmmm based? I’m based where you want me to be, but officially on the Bedfordshire/Cambridgeshire border with great access to North, East, South and West. Travel is included up to 1hr each way, and after that we can discuss reimbursement of costs only. Thats costs, not costs with profits!! So, I’m based where you want me to be.

How many pictures do you take?  – Well depending on the package, upwards to 1100 for the top package going down to around 350-400 for lowest package. I always shoot multiple shots to avoid the blinkers, bunny ears’ers, twitchers etc etc.

More to the point, how many images do I get? – Again package dependant, but around 350 for gold, 175 for silver & 80 for bronze fully editted images presented on a memory stick copyright free for the Bride & Grooms use only. The same posted on our online gallary that is password protected for your guests to order from, thus saving you all that from pillar to post photo ordering mayhem after your great day. Nothing worse, I know, been there!

Do you only shoot weddings? – Noooo. I also do Landscapes, Action, Products, Sports, Portraits, Pets, Events, Schools, Family, Babies, Vehicles, Street, Stock, Candids and insurance recordings, along with weddings & engagements.

Do you back everything up?  – Certainly do, a number of times! ALL the RAW images are imported to a seperate drive, and the final edits are also backed up to a DVD & external drive to avoid any issues with plague, pestulance, fammin, fire, water & brimstone. Did I leave any out?

Do you do formal shots?  – My photographic bent is towards a more natural style but I am happy to do a few formal shots that you require and we can discuss this more when we meet.

Do you do same sex weddings/civil ceromnies?  – Of course I do, why wouldn’t I? I’ve not done one before but there is a first time for everything, right?

Are you insured? – Heck yes!! This is a professional business, laid back, but professional. It’s an integral part of a business.

Do you have a get out of jail free card? – Yes, equipment sometimes fails, but I have a spare camera body, lenses, batteries, memory cards & a Mars bar! Well, it helps me work, rest & play (ok, I’m showing my age now!!). Oh, and I have them with me! – not left at home!

How do we book? – Once your happy that you’d like to go ahead with me for the ride, and I’ve confirmed my availability, then I will send you out a contract. It will have no surprises and we will have gone through it at our preliminary meeting(s). Once that is signed, and you’ve paid the non-refundable booking fee which is dependant on the package, returned the signed contract we are good for lift off, fasten your seat belts for the ride of a lifetime………